Shinkido® (Shin = spirit/vibration, Ki = life energy and Do = art/way).

Shinkido® resulted from the experience that Life Energy Therapy was perceived as too intense for many people, especially those with little or no therapeutic experience. In further research in this direction, he found that energy blockages may be eased by massage.

The person offering Shinkido (the Shinkidist) joins with the person receiving Shinkido® in a dialogue before the massage starts. For the Shinkidist it is important to learn to recognize energy vibrations and to notice the response of the body, and to respond to and intensify them. By using certain supportive techniques (similar to some of those in Life Energy Therapy), the Shinkidist encourages the body’s own energy to support growth processes. Once this energy begins to flow freely, blockages begin to ease, and thus an emotional cleaning process may start. The Shinkidist is attentive and sensitive to the body’s overt and subtle signals, such as the depth and location of breathing, vibrations, changes in skin color, pains or discomforts etc. The Shinkidist gives more attention and energy to body locations where a response and some intensity of internal movements is recognizable. Thus, the Shinkidist accompanies a person in a way which may promote deep relaxation and meditation; it may also lead to past memories arrising and to emotional expression.

Practicing Shinkido® regularly may lead the person into a physical, psychological and spiritual process which also may become visible in daily life (e.g. by growing emotional stability and awareness). As Shinkido® directly stimulates and supports body awareness and the expression of feelings, it often has an extensively harmonizing effect on the development and well-being of the individual.