In Organetics® energy principles and concepts are applied to all kinds of organizations. This holistic concept of energy consulting and dynamics regards organizations as integrated systems, as extensions of human existence. In this system family systems and other groups are viewed as organizations too.

Considering entire systems, their dependencies and mutual relations, Organetics® focuses on the dynamics of these systems and on the interactions between the various "organs" of the organ-izaton. The key to the Organetics® approach is the focus on processes.

Organetics® is compatible with different management techniques and may be regarded as the common denominator for all of these approaches and methods. By comprehending the energy dynamics in the specific organization, it is possible to employ the various working techniques and methods in a more complete context.

With the concept of wholearchy (whole being derived from the Greek word holos which means complete), Organetics® suggests an alternative form of organization for networks and hierarchies. Wholearchy is not stuck in being defined by a strict and rigid form, but - as is the case with other Life Energy Process forms as well – is defined essentially by energy processes. Thus the optimal energy flow for the specific organization is recognized and promoted, and any "unconscious" energy leaks and blockages may be recognized.

In such a wholearchic organization, communication flows from within to without, as well as the other way, from the periphery to the core or center. Unlike a hierarchic organization, in this case mangement is not "on top"/at the head, but at the core or center. In a wholearchy the organizational structure stays flexible and adaptable, without losing focus on common issues or personal responsibility. As all members are connected to the center and with each other, they remain in resonance with each other by interaction (flow of ideas, information and communication), and so deficiencies become apparent directly and quickly.

As in physics, Organetics® regards every firm as an energy field in which the flow of communication, money and material constitutes important factors of influence. The concept of energy consultation and dynamics within organizations is also able to be experienced and realized by the individual in his/her daily and professional life. It makes the activity in organizations transparent as manifestations of human existence.

Entire organizations, enterprises, companies and family systems are not able to survive without the process of change. As a result, existing structures are dissolved and thus offer less orientation and feeling of security to employees/members.

Consequently, this often results in insecurity and the search for orientation. At this point in a case, Organetics® may train flexibility and movement with stability being included. Within the Organetics® point of view, mastery of chaos and finding and maintaining orientation within chaos are parts of the process.

The idea of systemic integrity in Organetics® is an excellent tool for determining an essential diagnosis and for suggesting quick solutions during organizational transformation processes. It serves as a connecting link for dynamic effects within and outside of systems, organizations and enterprises. systemic intergrity helps to realize how future development may be integrated into the daily organization.