Life Energy Therapy

Physical, understandable energy vibrations exist in every living creature. These may be in harmony, or in dis-harmony, which in the case of human beings manifest themselves as physical or mental illnesses. Therefore, every problem may be understood as a disturbance of energy flow. This particular way of regarding energy brings clarity and simplicity to problems, as well as being a method of getting to the root of the prevailing disorder instead of getting stuck at the intricate symptom level.

Life Energy Therapy is process-oriented in that it doesn't concentrate as much on the problem itself but is aware of the necessity of change as the basis of life. (Process is derived from the Latin word procedere which means moving forward or progressing.)

From this perspective, body and mind are not separate systems but joint aspects of the same energetic processes. Blockages in the energy flow of the body, therefore, are the cause of different disorders, expressing themselves not only as physical symptoms but also in feelings and thoughts. Each problem, e.g. an illness - whether physical or mental - is therefore one expression of an obstruction of the energy flow. From this perspective, clients may be able to become more aware of their blockages, understand the meaning of these, and are then more able to take steps toward a gradual change. The main point is to become capable of recognizing one's own behavioral patterns, to understand oneself and one's conflicts by past and present experiences, and to learn to accept oneself. In this context self-confidence, personal freedom and independence can evolve.

In the holistic approach of Life Energy Therapy, not only the mental, but also physical and spiritual levels are considered. This is done by consultation and energy work which shows physical results. Explicitly, the therapist supports clients by doing body work to get in touch with themselves, observe tenseness and blockages, and "follow the energy thread" to the roots of a symptom. Often, suppressed feelings then can be experienced anew and emotionally expressed. In time, this experience may also be reflected upon as the client gains greater under-standing.

By movements, certain positions and physical contact with the body, all types of which have been specifically developed by Sabetti, resonances are triggered on energy paths and energy vibrations are induced. In this way, "disturbances" come to the surface of the body and are discharged as emotions or visible vibrations and movements in the body. As this happens, healing processes are reinforced.

In addition, body contact, verbal feedback, confrontation and meditation are used. The client is encouraged to pay attention to body sensations and to the congruence of expression and contents. Voice and breath diagnosis, diagnosis of character-developing processes and body reading are additional instruments. Process Inquiry®, a technique of conversation, may be used to help guide the client through a kind of psychological research to arrive at the essential point of an existing problem. The client may then generate several possible solution alternatives spontaneously.