Musicia is a Life Energy Process form in which music, sound and noise is used in the therapeutic process. We offer the client an instrument to reinforce their process, or the therapist plays an instrument to support the client in an exploration of a personal theme. Many kinds of instruments can be used – even a bucket or a pot can be useful for making noise or keeping the rhythm.

Musicia helps us to discover and express our inner rhythm and to experience how we are influenced by sound. The sound and the music touch our feelings and help us to release held-back emotions. Musicia can help us to feel any inner conflicts and disharmonies, and helps us to explore how to come into harmony and peace. It stimulates and reinforces the feelings - both the sad, joyful and powerful sides of our beings. And as we all know – love songs open our heart so we may give out love.

Thomas Fleck is a practitioner in Musicia and tells about his experiences:

In Musicia we use sounds and music to support any kind of personal process. People can use instruments to explore and express their feelings. There is focus on inquiry into and understanding of one’s inner process. In the session, the person may be offered an instrument. For example, for someone holding back aggression, I could offer him a big drum to express himself. -There is always focus on the expressive side. It is a tool to come in contact with the person’s feelings and express their emotions. The music catches the resonance points of the feelings and intensifies them. For example, I can ask: ‘How is the sound of your mother – and yourself?’ So you can go through the whole drama with instruments. Supported by the music, we can go very deeply into the feelings that come, and support a melting process in which the person lets go of holding.

Musicia is for everyone who likes to express themselves or be touched by sound. Music has a huge influence or effect on people’s feelings – just take any movie soundtrack as an example.  It creates the atmosphere and supports any emotional experience and expression. Musicia is good for coming out with both your power and your love.

To be a Musicia therapist you need to play an instrument, but clients don’t need to have any experience with specific instruments. They can use, for example, simple rhythm instruments such as African drums, gongs or xylophones. Musicians can of course use their own instrument to express their feelings, and I can give feedback to the client with my instrument in order to support the movements and feelings which are there in the moment.