The different forms of Life Energy Process

It started in the 1970's as the American psychologist Stèphano Sabetti developed a body oriented psychotherapy which he termed Life Energy Therapy® by combining Eastern (yoga, Shiatsu, acupuncture, martial arts) and Western (Bioenergetics, Gestalt therapy, i.e.) approaches and energy concepts.

In view of the therapeutic and theoretical background, Life Energy Therapy® can be considered a classical, holistic psychotherapy. It may be defined as energetic interventions intended to activate powers of self-healing. Dr. Sabetti postulates the existence of life energy as the basis of all life processes. This may be compared, e.g. with the Orgon energy to which W. Reich refers, with Ki in Chinese medicine, and with the Prana of yoga.

Since that time Dr. Sabetti has extended this understanding and concepts into new areas of application, in order to support and aid the physical, mental and spiritual development of individuals and groups for their personal and professional benefit. The basics of Life Energy Therapy® is now the basic of the method Life Energy Process® and its various forms of application.

On the following pages you find more information about these different forms.